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This Thing Can Be A Cause Of Jammed Water Pipes

The water pipe in the house is stuck even though you feel you have taken care of it properly? Relax, you are not alone! Maintenance is not the only thing that plays a role in making home water pipes free of jams. How to use it, of course, needs to be considered. One of them is what objects often interact with drains in the house during use. From hair to used food oil, here are some things that can cause a home’s water pipe to jam according to los angeles plumbing.

1. Hair
The bathroom is the location where hair strands are often found. One or two still not a problem. However, if it has accumulated and entered the waterways, that’s where you run the risk of jamming your house water pipes. Since falling strands are difficult to avoid especially when showering, do not delay picking them up and throw them away properly when you see them. Do not allow it to build up and enter the drains.

2. Dietary oils and fats
The prone location where the two are, of course, is a dishwasher. Did you know that both the oil and grease in the leftovers can gradually settle down to clog the plumbing of your house? This is an unavoidable phenomenon because it is only natural for you to wash the dishes in the sink. However, you can slow down the process by first soaking the plate or used a fatty food container in another container. Wash in the sink when these containers have less oil or grease attached.

3. Eggshells
Familiar with the misconception that scraps of eggshells can smooth the passage of water in a house drain or pipe? In fact, egg shells actually participate in causing the house water pipe to jam. In addition, the shell membrane, which is the second outermost layer after the shell, is also classified as solid and endangers the work of the water pipe at home.