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The Reason The Police Can Carry Out Legal Proceedings Without Reporting

In the case of a traffic accident, when the person involved in the accident does not report it to the police or it can be resolved amicably, the police will not interfere. But of course with some notes, where the police will not process the accident case when the case is not fatal or only scratches that are not too deep. You need to know that several types of accidents will still be processed further by the police even though there is no report from the parties involved in the accident. In this case, we may need to know several things related to accident cases such as what the police will process even without reporting the accident case. But before that, we will recommend that for those of you who are looking for a good and professional lawyer regarding the resolution of accident cases, then-attorney mike morse can be the right choice for your case.

You need to understand that in general, a case of a traffic accident, will be viewed from several sides, ranging from reports, criminal acts, and so on. Accident cases can be continued to court even though there is no report from the parties involved, where the case contains a criminal act. Two things make an accident case can be processed, namely the existence of a report and a complaint. Where for the report, it can be processed without the consent of the injured party or the victim involved in the accident.

As for the type of complaint, the case will only be processed when there is a complaint from the person involved in the accident or someone who is indeed a victim of a criminal act in the accident case. In this case, the victim party can withdraw the claim when both parties have reached peace or an agreement