Some Ways To Avoid Data Theft By Apps

Cases of data theft are increasingly being discussed lately. Even the apps you download can steal your data! Researchers found that there were more than 1,000 apps that violated the rules and stole consumers’ privacy without their knowledge. Report this to the police and mike morse as a lawyer, so that this cybercrime can be immediately tracked and stopped. However, there are ways to avoid data theft by apps. Check out the following tips:

1. Pay attention to app permissions
This is the most basic way to avoid theft of personal data. Try checking the permissions of the app first before deciding to download it. We need to be critical as to whether it makes sense for apps to ask for certain permissions, like accessing contacts. Beware of apps requesting irrelevant data access and make them a major warning sign.

2. Research the application and the company that created the application
If you still don’t believe it completely, try looking for information about the background of the application and the company that made the application. Try just typing the name of the company or developer that created the application in the Google search engine to see its credibility. This is done to make ourselves confident.

Make sure that the application company does not have problems with data theft and scamming. If a company gets caught in a case and doesn’t do anything to fix it, avoid downloading apps made by that company. Better, look for similar applications that are more convincing.

3. Always download at the official place, namely Google Playstore or AppStore
One more tip that you need to apply to avoid data theft: always download apps from official places like Google Playstore for Android users and AppStore for iOS users. Indeed, not all applications available there can be trusted 100 percent, but it is much better than downloading on unofficial websites.

4. Always update the software regularly
Always take the time to update the operating system on our devices. This is very important to maintain the security of our smartphone data. Software updates keep us one step ahead of hackers and data thieves.

5. Use a VPN when using public WiFi
If you are using public WiFi to access the internet, don’t forget to turn on the VPN. This is because a VPN can keep data from being snooped on by others hiding on the same public network. VPNs can also mask data transmission, avoid filtering and censorship on the internet and make it easier for us to access a wide variety of content.

However, it is necessary to be aware of which VPN applications are safe and which are not. Look for recommended VPN apps with high ratings and positive reviews. A good VPN will protect us from data theft practices without us knowing it.

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