How to Explain the Meaning of Easter to Young Children  

Lately, the meaning of Easter celebrations has been neglected so that this important moment seems like an ordinary ritual. The bunny and colorful eggs are just a way of celebrating Easter that has nothing to do with the resurrection of Jesus. This article explains how to convey the meaning of Easter to young children according to Christian teachings. Start by telling the story of Jesus’ passion in an age-appropriate style. The story of the crucifixion is usually scary for small children. Apart from telling stories, children can understand the meaning of Easter by doing activities that are in line with their Christian faith, instead of just focusing on the commercial aspects of Easter celebrations. On, you can see our easter gift idea.

Begin to explain the meaning of Easter to young children by telling the events that underlie the celebration of Easter in its entirety. If you provide information from another aspect, they may not realize the need to understand the biblical meaning of Easter. Even if you’re telling your story by reading straight from the scriptures, stop occasionally to explain things that might make them wonder. Small children do not necessarily understand every word in the Bible.

First, tell the story of the trial and resurrection of Jesus. Explain that Easter is celebrated in memory of this event. It would be helpful to explain all of the events that occurred in order as this relates to each celebration during Easter week. Use words that are easy for young children to understand and teach new vocabulary while telling stories. For example: “Jesus was betrayed by Judas. Who knows the meaning of the word “betrayed”?

Buy a children’s version of the Bible. If it already exists, just use it. If not, buy it online or at your nearest Christian bookstore. The children’s version of the Bible is written in a style, symbols, and allegory that make biblical stories easier to understand. This Bible is very helpful for children who have difficulty understanding the meaning of Easter.

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